Why  Coaching ?

You have goals, but you face obstacles… You feel your potential deep inside, but you can’t express them… Your team is in a routine without the expected dynamics, or its members do not communicate well, they could be more efficient together. Dare to call me as a coach.

You are anxious, in uncertainty? You have difficulty defining and implementing your projects? I accompany you so that you gain in adaptability, in commitment, for the implementation of your deep possibilities.

My coaching allows you to deploy your energy, your impact and your confidence for more pleasure and performance, in team and individually.

It is a step back, identify new resources and take action .

I provide tools and techniques to overcome obstacles to self-sufficiency.

Dare to change !

You have become aware of a need to evolve, you are looking for a personal and relational fluidity. You wish to be more flexible, adaptable, serene… You want your team to have a great capacity for adaptation and achieves sustainable results.

My coaching allows:
  • teams to increase collective intelligence and communication, to be efficient
  • to each of you, at all hierarchy level : to adapt and transforme yourself, to develop your intuition and soft skills
  • women to explore their possibilities and dare , be the leader you wish to be

Dare to reveal your talents

Intercultural coaching 

You are part of an international team, differences can create strengths and balance is constantly being worked on, by each team member’s ability to adapt, taking into account the interdependencies of the global system.

I propose to accompany you to use cultural differences as levers to reach  objectives, because of my international experience.

Coaching is wonderful and uncomfortable and also destabilizing and energizing !

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.” Seneca

Dare to reveal your talents

These compagnies trusted me: Safran, Carrefour, Crédit Agricole, Allianz, L’Oréal, Edenred, Hemsley Fraser, Nissan Europe, Rittal, Forsee Power, GRTGaz, INSEE, groupe Barrière, Ubisoft, Bouygues, ACER Europe, APAS BTP, Lacoste, SEB, Société Générale, Terra Foundation for American Art, Institut Mérieux, Alumni Arts et Métiers

Who am I ?

My engineering background and my career in the industry in product marketing, for over 28 years – from large international companies to start-ups – allow me to understand, the issues and the human capital to be valorized.

I have worked with many subsidiaries and clients around the world, and the on-site meetings have given me a better understanding of opportunities and difficulties of intercultural issues.

A woman in a man’s world

My experience in the industry, allows me to understand women and men, their goals and behaviors, which are sometimes different.

  • I accompany women so that they can take their place, so that they gain in leadership  and management skills, so that they are heard and recognized ;
  • I accompany men towards their objectives, taking into account the diversity of people in their environnement, making them aware of  the power of listening and the shortcomings of ego.

Climbing teaches me commitment, surpassing myself, adaptability … in a team

I love nature, I practice rock climbing intensively, which teaches me perseverance, risk-taking, confidence in my partners, the joy of celebrating success… for a desire to go further and further.

The links I make with coaching are numerous:

  • Going beyond oneself, body in movement, listening to one’s feeling
  • Achievement and team learning: construction and progression
  • Adaptation to the situation at all times, stress management, resistance to change
  • Decision making, refusal to abandon, then the joy of the success of all the team members.

As an avid rock climber, I will push you the way I push myself to achieve your goals. 

Anticipation – Confidence – Adaptability – Progress – Fluidity – Balance 

Quote from Sylvain Tesson : ” Climbing is the symbol of life. You start at the foot of the wall, you get to the top and in between you’ve explored the whole range of feelings you can encounter in the course of a lifetime: confidence, worry, fear, the urge to give up, friendship with the rope companion, rage to take up the fight again, joy, everything I’ve been trying to meditate on for many years, I’ve met the embodiment of it in this action.”

My training as a coach – Certification

Systemic Coaching, in English, specialized in collective coaching, at International Mozaik.
PCC Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
Co-development of professional managerial practices
DISC & Driving Forces : Assessments24x7
NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming NVC: Nonviolent Communication
Mental Preparation for professional performance 

Collective & individual

I coach individuals, teams and organizations, using a systemic approach.

You want to develop the collective intelligence of your team, your company, your organization, you want people to express themselves, to listen to each other, to respect each other.

You wish to keep your talented employees in your organization, by offering them the opportunity to grow individually and collectively.

You wish to increase the productivity rate of your employees.

Goals examples :
  • Build and develop communication skills among team members ;
  • Understand the resistance to change and then work to implement the power of the collective ;
  • Building new teams or merging of teams ;
  • Motivate the collective to achieve their goals, better group cohesion ;
  • Developing creativity in a group, trust between members ;
  • Capitalizing on the complementarity of each one, in an intercultural context ;
  • Learning and practicing tools for effective group work.

In a professional or personal context, you want to take charge of your development, find your serenity, “climb the next step faster”.

You wish to find your next job, or you are reorienting yourself.

You are a leader, wish to develop innovative and pragmatic management strategies, succeed in supporting and motivating your teams in order to achieve objectives.

Goals examples

  • Understand your managerial profile, strengthen your managerial legitimacy
  • Increase self-confidence / self-esteem
  • Managing your own resistance to change
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Getting out of a management conflict situation
  • Leading one’s team(s) with efficiency and enthusiasm
  • Change of position, career reorientation
  • Better delegation, better management of your priorities
  • Working with people from all over the world, with different professional cultures
  • Develop intuition and true listening
  • Understanding and managing your emotions to improve relationships
  • Organize and manage your activity, know how to delegate

In the end: increasing your productivity and well-being.

I provide timely theoretical information throughout the coaching sessions,  in order to enrich personal reflection. The aim is to give meaning to the situations encountered.


I offer training courses and internships that allow you to acquire and practice new techniques and allow you to question yourself. Experimentation leads to awareness.

The group dynamic reinforces the impact by exchange and co-construction, it also allows to unveil personalities.

Company training sessions can take place on your premises, or in a natural forest retreat in the Yvelines, a private place in the middle of nature, 50 minutes from Paris – the photo illustrates this unique place.

Here are some examples of trainings, I can adjust to your needs for customized programs.


« As part of my job, I wanted to improve my management by working with a female coach. It seemed obvious to me that having a female point of view would change my view of management for both women and men. Ginette was able to teach me key management values and also help me improve the work of my team: everyone won. »
Technical director , International company

« Ginette was extremely important in my process of improving my self-confidence, getting to know and developing my qualities and skills in order to fit in. In addition, I participated in a group program, in which Ginette guided us to be more open to others, to improve communication and to be daring. Thanks to her work as a coach, she succeeded in helping me overcome my difficulties and I reached my goal. »

Shirley Orivane, Project engineer
« Thanks to her listening skills and her personality, Ginette was able to put me in confidence and guide me. Ginette has been a precious help in my personal development and in building my confidence: daring to put myself forward at public conferences, speaking without support and taking a step back from the gaze of others. I have gained self-confidence and today I act more calmly. »
Anne-Sophie Roche, Wellness and health professional

« I’ve gained self-confidence. I know how to get out of the box. I’m becoming aware of my leadership and my ability to unite the teams. I know how to manage my emotions: I am no longer afraid of what others might think of me. I can express my disagreement, be myself. I feel great»

Thierry Vu, Cloud engineer

My commitment

I accompany you in awakening your awareness of the possibilities that you dare to reveal…Dare to express, dare to act, dare to create, dare to do differently, dare to change !

My coaching

Support is provided through experimentation, based on daily professional or personal situations. The debriefing of each experiment will be the important element, it marks the step towards awareness and the beginning of a transformation.

I adhere to the code of ethics of the ICF (International Coach Federation).


Ginette Kergoat

Based in the Paris region. I travel in France and abroad.

One and one coaching, also at distance by videoconference.